True Colours – Ford GT40 Mk I

True Colours – Ford GT40 Mk I

Sometimes it’s the car that’s an icon. Sometimes it’s the driver. And sometimes it’s the colours that the car is painted. There have been several famous liveries, but arguably the most famous of all is the distinctive blue and orange Gulf livery worn by Jacky Ickx’s Le Man winning Ford GT40. And even though a few cars since have worn the same bold colours, for most people it is best remembered on the GT40 and Porsche 917 from the classic Steve McQueen film, Le Mans.

First built in 1964, the Ford GT40 was originally produced as an endurance sports car designed to beat Ferrari, who were dominating the scene at the time. Powered by a big American V8 engine, the GT40 went on to win Le Mans in 1966, and then three more times after that all the way through to 1969. And the name? Well GT is short for Grand Touring, and the 40 is it’s height from the top of the roof to the road – just 40 inches tall.

This particular GT40 might be most famous in it’s blue and orange paint, but why don’t you download the blank template and see if you can come up with something that will stand the test of time


  • Andrew

    That is one of the best cars you’ve done yet. What an iconic and successful car. Thanks for doing it.

    What other iconic cars have there been…..? Too many to list. However, what about the Porsche 911 Carerra 2.7 RS perhaps?

    You have enough iconic cars to keep this website going for years and years.

    Keep up the great work!