Romeo and Guila – Alfa Romeo GTA

Romeo and Guila – Alfa Romeo GTA

It is the often repeated opinion of the Top Gear team that if you are a true car fan, at some point you must own an Alfa Romeo. The beautiful Giula GTA would certainly be a good place to start. Developed by Autodelta, the racing division of Alfa Romeo, the GTA was launched in 1965 and closely resembles the road going version of the Guila. However, the steel body panels of the car were replaced with lighter aluminium ones,along with plastic windows and alloy wheels, making the car much lighter. The gear box was fitted with shorter ratios to allow quicker acceleration and the engine was fitted with an early version of Alfa’s famous Twin Spark system (a double ignition cylinder head).This made the GTA much more competitive as a track and rally car than it’s road going counterpart

The GTA was a very successful race car, especially in the world of touring cars, where the Alfa won the European Touring Car Championship ’66,’67 and ’68. When the car was replaced with the more powerful GTaM, this picked up the GTA’s mantel and went on to win the championship in ’70 and ’71. Over in America, the GTA also won the first Grand-Am Championship in 1966, and would go on to win it again in 1970. The car also enjoyed some success as a privately entered rally car. Today the car is a regular feature at the various historic GT and touring car races held around the world, where it’s light weight, small size and perky engine make it a competitive vintage racer.

Alfa Romeos are typically red like their Italian brothers Ferrari, but would look good in any colour you fancy trying out. If you try colouring in the livery version, check out the strange logo on the bonnet – a snake eating a man – a main feature of the Alfa Romeo logo.


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