Making His Marc – Marc Marquez’s Honda RC213v MotoGP Bike

Making His Marc – Marc Marquez’s Honda RC213v MotoGP Bike

marquez_no_livery_a4 marquez_livery_a4If there’s a type of racing done on four wheels, you can bet that someone has had a go at doing it on two. And just as Formula 1 is considered the top level of car racing, MotoGP is the top of the bike racing tree, and unlike the similar Superbike Championship, these machines are dedicated racers that cannot be ridden on the road

Like Formula 1, MotoGP has been through many rule changes. and there are currently three classes of bikes that race with different sized engines. They each race in their own seperate series, with Moto3 having the slowest bikes and Moto2 being the step up for the top level of MotoGP. The current top level bikes have 1,000cc engines, capable of firing the bikes up to speeds of 217 mph. As the bikes are extremely light (just 165kg), they are capable of incredible acceleration and top speed and could currenly outperform and F1 car, although the car is able to corner and brake faster due to the extra grip and stability offered by four tires.

Like F1, MotoGP is a world championship and takes place on some of the most famous tracks around the globe, including Le Mans, Silverstone and Laguna Seca. The bike featured in this week’s colouring page is the Honda of Marc Marquez, current MotoGP world champion and at just 20, the youngest driver to ever win the title. Even more impressively, it was the Spanish riders first year competing in MotoGP, having already claimed the Moto2 crown in 2012 and Moto3 in 2010, a series in which is younger brother Alex currently races.

The Honda RC213V sports the iconic red, white and orange Repsol colours, which have been seen on many famous race and rally cars through the years. Why not download the blank template as well and see if you can create a design that will go on to be as famous?