Dario CART – Team Kool Green Racing Reynard

Dario CART – Team Kool Green Racing Reynard

Along with NASCAR, Indycar is the most American of motorsport. Comparable to Formula 1, but with many races taking place on high speed ovals, it has still attracted several European drivers over it’s many years. The most successful of these has been Scottish race ace Dario Franchitti.

Starting his career in Britain in single seater open wheeled cars like Formula Vauxhall and Formula 3, Dario also won the prestigious McLaren Autosport BRDC Award for talented young drivers. This was followed by a brief stint in the German DTM Touring Car series before finally travelling across the atlantic to return to open wheeled racing in the American CART series.  The pre-cursor to the current Indycar series, CART was a highly competitive race series with cars packing 1000bhp and capable of speeds in excess of 210mph.

In Dario’s first season in 1997, his best finish was 9th. But in 1998 he joined Team Kool Green Racing to drive the Reynard featured in this colouring page and went on to win 10 races that season. In ’99 he tied with Juan Pablo Montoya for the championship title, but had to settle for second place as Montoya had won more races that year. Franchitti went off to try his hand at NASCAR racing, but would eventually return to the cockpit of a single seater

Franchitti would remain at the top end of the Indycar field for most of his career but would have to wait until 2007 before he lifted the then Indycar title. He would go on to win again in 2009, 2010 and 2011, as well as winning the world famous Indy 500 in 2007, 2010 and 2012.

Unfortunately, 2013 saw Dario tangled in an accident that would end his racing career, causing damage to his ankle, spine and leaving him with a concussion. He was advised by doctors that he should not race again, and has decided that it is the correct point to retire from racing. He does so as one of the greats of not just Indycar, but of motorsport.