Clever Trevor – The TVR Tuscan T400R

Clever Trevor – The TVR Tuscan T400R

It’s not uncommon for a car to be named after the founder of the company – Porsche, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini…. the list goes on and on. But what do you do if you’re setting up a small sports car company and your name less, ahem, glamorous? Well in the case of Trevor Wilkinson you drop a few letters from your first name and set up TVR.

Starting in a humble workshop in Blackpool in 1947, TVR began as a simple engineering outfit before progressing to building one of track specials and eventually small run sports cars. Fast forward 50 odd years and the company has had a turbulent time, being sold several times and suffering endless financial problems. However, it has also produced some incredible and well loved British sports cars, including the Griffith, Cerbera and the subject of our newest colouring page, the Tuscan. Produced between 1999 and 2006 the Tuscan was a jaw dropping car offering a sub 4 second 0-60 time and some cool paint that changed colour depending on how the light hit it. The Tuscan T400R was later build by TVR to go racing and the already quick machine was upgraded to include a 400bhp 4 litre 6 cylinder engine.

The car would race at Le Mans in 2003 although unfortunately both cars would fail to finish. When they returned in 2004, both of the companies cars made it the full 24 hour distance and finished a respectable position in class, repeating their success with a solo car in 2005. Despite being nearly 10 years old, the Tuscan still looks bang up to date and is a welcome sight at any race track. You can download either the 2004 or 2005 Le Mans contesting cars, or download the blank template and create your own livery




  • Kirsty McNaught

    The TVRs are awesome! So good I ordered a colouring book to see what else you’ve done! Keep up the great work and PLEASE come to some car shows so my kids have something good to buy and do!

    • Racing Colour

      Hi Kirsty, really glad you like the TVRs – I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out. And thanks so much for the order – I’ll get it out to you first class tomorrow morning so you should have it by Tuesday.

      I’d love to come and do some car shows, just need to get the money together to get a stall together. If any teams or events out there want to invite me, I’d be more than happy to do some stuff for them