American Muscle – Chevrolet Corvette C6.R Colouring Page

American Muscle – Chevrolet Corvette C6.R Colouring Page

There are loads of famous American cars, but few are more famous than the Chevrolet Corvette. First built in 1953, these cars have always been popular with drivers who wanted to go quickly and making as much noise as possible. Known as muscle cars because they have big powerful engines under large sturdy bodies, it wasn’t long before these cars started to be used for racing, and most importantly winning.

The C6.R is the most modern version of the Corvette race-car and takes part in a form of racing known as endurance racing. These are long races which can last anything from 3 hours right up to the challenging 24 hour day and night races. This means that the cars not only have to be fast but also reliable, and the Corvette has proved to be very good at both.

There are lots of different teams racing this car around the world, from the American to all across Europe. But one of the most famous pair compete in the American Le-Mans Series – ALMS for short –  where some of the fastest drivers in the world battle it out for hours on a variety of tracks. The distinctive bright yellow cars are often seen driving together, usually at the front of the field.

You can either colour in your own version of the ALMS Corvette C6.R or you can download a plain version which you can create your own stunning colour scheme for. Enjoy!

Download the plain Corvette C6.R and get colouring in!

Download the ALMS Corvette C6.R and get colouring in!

Corvette C6.R ALMS Colouring Page